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Photo of a Home with small side photo of electronic thermostat and family at Home Enjoy comfort and energy savings with Carrier Zoning. By delivering conditioned air on to areas that are in use, a zoning system eliminates the needless waste of keeping unused areas comfortable. In fact, the system can actually pay for itself with the money you'll save on your utility bills. Your Carrier indoor weather expert can help estimate the savings you can expect.
Comfort Zone II - Up to 8 Zones

A Carrier Zoning system allows you to customize your indoor weather according to the demands of your home and your lifestyle. Even similar homes can have differing comfort needs. Your work schedule, the size of your family and many other variables make your requirements unique. That's where zoning fits in. Zoning allows you to take control of your indoor weather and maximize the performance of your comfort system.

From the earliest part of this century, Carrier has delivered the very best in technological innovation. But it's more than just innovation. It's advanced ideas like Smart RecoveryTM and humidity control that really work in homes like yours. Smart Recovery starts your system ahead of schedule to make sure each zone reaches its set temperature right on time. With humidity control, you can dehumidify your home during the summer months or add moisture to the air in the winter. Ask your indoor weather expert how humidity control can work with your system.

Customized Indoor Weather for Superior Comfort and Economy

The ability to create up to eight zones gives you maximum flexibility in customizing your comfort system. Your Carrier indoor weather expert will work with you to decide how to best zone your home for optimum comfort and economy. Here's one example of how to divide a two-story home into six zones.
Downstairs Floorplan
Upstairs Floorplan
Basement Floorplan
  • Zone 1 - The kitchen, breakfast nook, family room and utility room make a sensible combination for zoning control
  • Zone 2 - A second zone on the main floor might include all the living areas - in this example, zone two is a large great room, dining room and foyer.
  • Zone 3 - The next logical zone in our sample home is the master bedroom, master bath and walk-in closet.
  • Zone 4 - A little-used guest bedroom, a home office or a play room could make up a fourth zone on the main floor.
  • Zone 5 - In this example, zone five becomes the entire upstairs - the kids' bedrooms, the bathroom and the hallway.
  • Zone 6 - The basement becomes the sixth zone.

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