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Geothermal Installations
     Welcome to a Green future with Stolhand and ClimateMaster Geothermal. The leading industry standard in high efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning for your home comes from ClimateMaster. Add the skill and specialized knowledge you'll get from Stolhand Heating and Air Conditioning and you will have great comfort in your home along with low cost and high efficiency.

     ClimateMaster products provide homeowners with a wealth of industry leading advantages and innovative features for creating the perfect indoor environment while preserving the outdoor environment.
Small drawing depicting a geothermal horizontal loop installation.
Small drawing depicting a geothermal pond loop installation.
Small drawing depicting a geothermal vertical groundloop installation.
     Geothermal systems transfer heat from your home to the earth in the cooling mode, or from the earth to your home in the heating mode. Water is used as the heat transfer medium through a closed loop piping system buried in the ground. By using this stable thermal source, geothermal heat pumps provide energy efficient comfort year around with a factory-tested and sealed packaged unit, without the need for a noisy outdoor fan, or a flue.
A graphical chart describing operating costs for various types of heating and cooling units in comparison with Geothermal Units.

Sample photo of a Tranquility Upflow high efficiency geothermal heat pump.      Using EarthPure® Ozone Safe Refrigerant, the Tranquility 27 is a breakthrough in efficiency - providing you with the greatest energy savings of any space conditioning system and unprecedented environmental protection at the same time. The tranquility 27 with two-stage compressor and variable speed fan offers the latest in geothermal heat pump technology.

     Also available in the Tranquility 20 Series and The Genesis Series, let Stolhand's and ClimateMaster help you choose the right application of Geothermal Heat Pump Technology for your home or business.

     ClimateMaster not only offers the most innovative geothermal heating and cooling systems, but the most comprehensive selection of options and accessories to fit any application.
     ClimateMaster recently introduced a line of thermostats that lead the industry in features, options and cost. From simple manual modes all the way to programmable multi-function thermostats, there's a model perfect for any homeowner.
   The hot water generator option, also known as a desuperheater, reclaims excess heat produced throughout the year and delivers it to the home for substantially less cost than electric or gas water heaters.

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