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Old Freon vs. New Puron
STOP "If you're considering the purchase of a new air conditioner or heat pump that doesn't use the environmentally safe refrigerant PURON, then you're buying a soon to be obsolete unit!"

Environmentally Sound products....
puron tank and government reduction of R-22 guidelines      According to current government regulations, the production of HCFC will be reduced by nearly one-fourth of the current production by 2004. That means all R-22 products will eventually need to be replaced by products utilizing a chlorine-free refrigerant such as PURON.

    Carrier Indoor Weather Experts, your local Carrier dealers, are in a leadership position today by offering you a full line of environmentally sound air conditioners, heat pumps and fan coils.

        Carrier's Reliability benefits you....

    Historically, when a refrigerant has been phased out, such as R-12 in the automobile industry, the cost of that refrigerant has risen dramatically.
And the costs for servicing products using a phased out refrigerant have risen as well.
    By replacing your older air conditioner or heat pump with a comparable Carrier system containing Puron refrigerant, you are protecting yourself from the rising costs of servicing R-22 products.
carrier unit utilizing puron and some of the specifications for that unit.

greenseal logo Green Seal Air Conditioners
Environmental Standards
    Green Seal sets environmental standards covering a variety of consumer products, such as light bulbs, air conditioning and heating systems, paints, paper products, engine oil, building materials, water fixtures, household cleaning products, and more.

     By using products that meet Green Seal's standards you can help reduce air and water pollution, cut the waste of natural resources, slow ozone depletion, prevent toxic contamination and protect fish and wildlife in their habitat.

    In the HVAC industry, the earth-friendly refrigerant R-410A has been identified as the refrigerant of the future. Stolhand Heat & Air offers the first environmentally safe unit from Carrier.

    Carrier's Heat & Air unit 38TXA is the first in their soon to expand line of Indoor Weather Systems using the refrigerant R-410A. Carrier hopes to equip all their line with R-410A by the turn of the century.

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